Plant Number: 7.405.060  
Japanese Spurge
Pachysandra terminalis ‘Green Sheen’

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Japanese Spurge is one of the most widely planted groundcovers of all time. Plants spread to form a thick, durable patch of evergreen leaves. This outstanding selection has extremely glossy foliage, a little smaller than the usual form. Plants are slower to fill but more tolerant of hot climates. Space at 10 to 40 plants/square yard (8 to 12 inches apart) for a reasonably quick fill. Clumps may be divided every 4 to 5 years, in spring or early fall.

Zone 3 to Zone 9

Conditions     Appearance    
Sun Exposure
  Partial Shade
  Full Shade

Soil Type

Soil pH

Soil Moisture

Care Level

Foot Traffic

Rate of Spread
Flower Colour

Blooming Time
  Late Spring
  Mid Spring

Foliage Color
  Deep Green

Plant Uses & Characteristics
  Accent: Good Texture/Form
  Lawn Substitute
  Deer Resistant
  Drought Tolerant
  Ground Cover

Flower Head Size

   15-20 cm
   6-8 inches

   30-45 cm
   12-18 inches

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