One of the great things about Jeepers Creepers® is that they offer solutions to what many gardeners perceive as problem areas. To help you find the right plant, we've created an amazing search feature that can be used in a number of different ways. The search is located on the right hand side of the page, throughout this site.

1.    Quick Search
Head to the Quick Search box if you already know the name of a plant, or even just part of the name. You can search by botanical name or common name. For instance, to see various types of Creeping Thyme, just type in the word thyme or the botanical name Thymus then hit GO. The Search will return a list of all the various kinds of Thyme that are part of the Jeepers Creepers® lineup.

2.    Hardiness Zone Search
This is a handy way to see all the various Jeepers Creepers® plants that should survive the winter in your region. We use USDA Hardiness Zones on this site. To figure out your zone, go to this Interactive USDA Hardiness Zone Map, or check out the Agriculture Canada Hardiness Zone Map. For Canadian gardeners, it's wise to figure out your hardiness zone in both systems, since they do differ.

3.    Search by plant use:
A pull-down menu on the Search allow you to select for a plant to fill a certain need. Which Jeepers Creepers® could I use to:

    -   Grow between flagstones
    -   Edge a pathway
    -   Walk on regularly
    -   Tolerate drought conditions
    -   Cover an area quickly
    -   Plant in a wet area
    -   Replace my lawn

4.    Search by location
This offers you a choice of various light conditions, and there should be one that describes your area. Take a close look at your site several times throughout the day to see if the light exposure changes. Do this once summer has truly arrived, since shady areas are often brighter during winter or spring.

5.    Advanded Search
This feature allows you to do clever combination searches, specifying all of your site conditions at the same time, to find a close and quick plant match. It's always best to grow the right plant in the right place, and this search should help you to avoid making mistakes.


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