Plant Number: 1.340.120  
Miniature Creeping Jenny
Lysimachia japonica var. minutissima

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A tiny-leaved selection of Creeping Jenny, this grows almost flat to the ground, slowly spreading to form a dense carpet studded with starry yellow flowers in early summer. This prefers an evenly moist soil and dislikes drying out. Protect from hot afternoon sun. Perfect as a pathway edging, in the rock garden or beside a water feature. Semi-evergreen or evergreen in mild winter regions. Easily divided by ripping the plant apart into small pieces in early fall or spring. The growth rate is much more restrained than the larger-leaved types of Creeping Jenny.

Zone 5 to Zone 9

Conditions     Appearance    
Sun Exposure
  Partial Shade

Soil Type

Soil pH

Soil Moisture

Care Level

Foot Traffic

Rate of Spread
Flower Colour

Blooming Time
  Early Summer

Foliage Color
  Deep Green

Plant Uses & Characteristics
  Alpine & Rock
  Lawn Substitute
  Between Flagstones
  Ground Cover

Flower Head Size
  Very Small

   2-4 cm
   1-2 inches

   30-45 cm
   12-18 inches

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