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Jeepers Creepers is a brand new line of plants, and we're very excited about it. We hope you enjoy this site and find it useful in planning your garden. Be sure to check out the amazing Search Feature, which acts as the doorway to our entire group of "down low and fun to grow" problem-solving perennials!

When it comes finding taller perennials for the rest of your garden, we invite you to visit our sister site, Heritage Perennials where you'll find information on over 2000 different varieties.

Tip of the Week

When planting between flagstones in a pathway, it's awfully hard to cram in an entire 4-inch pot into the tiny gaps you have available! Instead, plan to purchase nice, full pots of mat-forming plants like Creeping Thyme or Irish Moss, then split each into four smaller pieces when you get home. To do this, remove the pot first. Turn the plant on its side and cut off the bottom half of the rootball, using a sharp knife. Turn the plant right-side-up again and, using the knife, bravely quarter it into four pieces of roughly equal size. Now you have four nice small plants that are much easier to squeeze into small cracks and crevices. These will need careful watering for the first month while they get established.

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