Plant Number: 1.489.260   

Cobweb Hen-and-chicks
Sempervivum arachnoideum ‘Rubrum’


An exotic variation on the more familiar green forms, this type forms small grey-green rosettes of fleshy leaves, the tip of each leaf connected to another by a network of silvery filaments, like a spider’s web. Foliage flushes red in spring and spreads slowly to make a dense mat. Short spikes of starry pink flowers appear in summer. Perfect for a child’s garden, growing in nearly any sunny site, even on balconies, rocks or walls, so long as there is a little bit of soil. Especially interesting planted in strawberry jars, old shoes or any clever container you can think of. These prefer a well-drained sandy soil.

Zone 4 to Zone 9

Conditions     Appearance    
Sun Exposure
  Full Sun
  Partial Shade

Soil Type

Soil pH

Soil Moisture

Care Level

Foot Traffic

Rate of Spread
Flower Colour
  Deep Pink
  Light Pink

Blooming Time
  Early Summer
  Late Summer
  Mid Summer

Foliage Color
  Deep Green

Plant Uses & Characteristics
  Accent: Good Texture/Form
  Alpine & Rock
  Attracts Butterflies
  Deer Resistant
  Drought Tolerant
  Ground Cover

Flower Head Size

   5-10 cm
   2-4 inches

   15-30 cm
   6-12 inches