Plant Number: 1.316.360   

Miniature Brass Buttons
Leptinella gruveri


The minute leaves of this flat carpeting perennial are the perfect filler for cracks between flagstones in moist, shady areas. Tiny greenish flowers. Runners quickly fill in and help to keep weeds out. May be used as an evergreen lawn substitute over small areas. Easily divided at any time by digging up the clump and ripping apart into small pieces. May become dormant during summer droughts, greening again once watered. Expected performance in regions with hot and humid summers is not known at this time.

Zone 7 to Zone 9

Conditions     Appearance    
Sun Exposure
  Partial Shade
  Full Shade

Soil Type

Soil pH

Soil Moisture

Care Level

Foot Traffic

Rate of Spread
Flower Colour

Blooming Time
  Early Summer
  Mid Summer

Foliage Color
  Light Green

Plant Uses & Characteristics
  Accent: Good Texture/Form
  Alpine & Rock
  Ground Cover

Flower Head Size
  Very Small

   1-2 cm
   0-1 inches

   20-30 cm
   8-12 inches